About Us

I AM NOT MY KINGDOM TITLE!  The title is a representation of whom/what God has called us to be in the Kingdom of God and the gifting/office/calling that He’s given you. I am Just Nia was created in conjunction with Nia Gee Ministries as an offset…it is who God has called me to be and how to represent Him in this hour. So many people are driven by titles, positions and platforms that we have forgotten the real work that God has called us to do in the earth realm. He told us to go out into all the uttermost parts of the earth and compel them to come…we are so busy trying to build us that we no longer do what is required of us by the Lord.

  Just Nia Ministries has been called to minister to and pull in the Millennial Generation. You know the one that the church says is the underdog, the down trodden, the outcast, the one the world has given up on, the one that is non-traditional, outside of the box, the one that the church sees as rebellious, or plan and simple the one that no one wants or thinks that will amount to anything.  I am very compassionate about this type of person because honestly I am that person! This ministry is called to revolutionize the world by allowing them to be Just That…the INDIVIDUAL that God has called and created them to be.

 This ministry endeavors to go out into the dark places, the grimy places, the worldly places and win souls for Christ, in order that we can advance the Kingdom and continue the Kingdom mandate that has been given to us. We will equip, empower and cause them to execute the vision the vision that God has given them to fulfill in the earth. We will allow them by training to use the gifts and talents that God has placed upon them for the up building of His Kingdom. The people of this generation have a lot to give to the Body of Christ that can help us move forward in a more effective and excellent way and I plan to be a part of this next movement by allowing them to be Just who they are as we continue to walk this walk together and I am just who God has called me to be which is JUST Nia no title needed!